Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why and When

Note: I in no way condone racism and its manifestations; however, in an attempt to look at abortion in a new light, I am writing terms of racism.

Why and When it is Appropriate and Acceptable to Kill a Black Person/Persons

  • It is appropriate and acceptable to kill your black neighbor if they are an inconvenience to you.
  • It is appropriate and acceptable to kill your black neighbor, in the case that you already have several black neighbors, and an additional one would be burdensome to your lifestyle.
  • If one person enjoys and lives peaceably with his or her black neighbor, and another person decides it would be best to kill his or her own black neighbor, the former person must respect the decision of the latter.
  • A black person is, in fact not a person at all, owing to the color of his or her skin.
  • Whether or not one kills his or her black neighbor is up to his or her own discretion.
  • It is appropriate and acceptable to kill your black neighbor if he or she has a disability you believe detracts from his or her quality of life (being black is a good place to start).
  • Whether or not one kills his or her black neighbor has nothing to do with their opinion of black people as a group, but rather that particular one.
  • It is appropriate and acceptable to kill your black neighbor, if you believe that he or she may be detrimental to your health

Remember to help yourselves to the literature and weapons on the back table, and remember to call your local Planned Neighborhood office for confidential advice in your decision regarding your black neighbor and your rights!

Now, imagine if we viewed babies the same way. In our society decades ago, black people were denied certain rights and liberties solely because they had skin of another color. In our society today, thousands of people are tortured and killed merely because they on the other side of their mother's abdominal wall.

Yes, sadly, we are that much stupid.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Love

Today I just felt like saying that I am completely smitten with the sweetest, handsomest, kindest, funniest man in the whole wide world. He is my sunshine, and his name is Ridge.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Love is in the Air...

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Whether you enjoy the rampant commercialized barrage of candy, stuffed animals, and dinner reservations, take a more off-the-beaten-path approach, or spurn the whole "love" thing in favor of "Singles Awareness Day," the fact that Americans have devoted one day a year to nothing but gestures of affection to those who mean the most to us is an interesting thing.
Many people seem to either love or hate Valentine's Day based on their on romantic relationship status, or lack thereof. Happily, I am not one of these people. As long as I can remember, my dear mother would make the day special for my brother and I. Many years she assisted us in planning a big sledding party for all our friends, and we would make scores of valentines notes and goodies to go along with it. Long before a certain man became my sweetheart, Mom had instilled in me a love for love.
Now that I have a husband and sweet baby, I like to think that I am continuing that tradition of plain and simple love. I don't decorate our house to the hilt, and we don't go out anywhere fancy, (maybe someday) but I do love spending a lazy day with my boys (since Ridge got the day off) doing whatever we please. This year we are planning the drive around the big lake to seek adventure, then come home and have lobster soup for dinner, followed by this cake.
Wishing you all love, in one form or another- I'm off to make a lit garland.