Wednesday, January 30, 2013



This guy just brightens my every day.

As those of you who still might be reading my blog can tell, I've stripped things down around here. I pretty much hate Blogger right now, but not any more than my severe html illiteracy. I've been fighting everything, and since Blogger's last update, the customization has become really difficult for me. Until I either learn more about this, or find someone to help me change it the way I want to, it's going to be a boring white blog.
Instead of wasting more time fussing with appearance, I want to focus more on content. I'm going to try and write more from my heart, as well as maybe start posting some more recipes, and pictures of my latest creative conquests.
I'll wrap up this post, because I'm supposed to be watching a movie with my guys, but I'll write again soon, and post pictures of the skirt I'm making!