Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Husband

That man has done more for me than I can ever thank him for. Tomorrow is his birthday, and when asked what he wants to do, Ridge just tells me that we'll probably go to Brannigan's Pub for a Reuben sandwich, and call it an early night.
But he deserves so much more, because he's simply the best husband to me and father to Sean.

With this pregnancy, every few weeks I seem to go through a cycle of my body inexplicably going into self destruct mode- each morning waking up increasingly tired, achy and grouchy, until I just curl up in bed for days on end, a sobbing, depressed mess.
Last weekend was the worst so far, and after taking care of Sean (and the poopsplosion of the century), Ridge waited until I was ready to come talk to him, and together we figured out what was wrong. It's those crazy pregnant lady dreams. I don't remember any of them, but someone ordered way too many, because apparently they come so plentifully that I never get any REM sleep. So I wake up after eight hours, feeling no more rejuvenated than I did before. It's a very sneaky form of sleep deprivation.

That night, I popped a Unisom tablet, was treated to an incredible shoulder massage, and slept so well that I actually woke up the next morning in time to see Ridge for a little bit before his 5am shift.

Later that morning, thinking about our time chatting over coffee, I sent him a text that read
"You're my favorite reason to get up early!"
 His reply was
"You're my favorite reason to live."

He is mine too.