Thursday, February 24, 2011


Is 'e really now? My baby bump ticker tells me that our child has grown to the size of a peach. Somehow, I don't quite buy it. If there was a peach-sized person inside, I think I would take due notice when bending over. True, some of my jeans are fitting a bit tighter, and I know my bladder senses something invading its space, but really? A peach? May be he or she is still a lime or plum. However big our little person is, I'm sure they are just fine.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


If you haven't heard of BHLDN, (pronounced "beholden") Anthropologie's new bridal line, you must go fall in love with it! I am smitten with Anthropologie, and even though I'm married, I still enjoy looking at sweet and fun ideas for dresses, accessories, and such. Here are a few of my favorites:
If you're the traditional type, this dress is the ticket! Elegant simplicity and subtle detail to let your gorgeous face take the spotlight!

Dresses with sleeves are either doomed to be tacky, or destined to soar with style and finesse. This one falls into the latter category. And check out the flowers and scalloped hem. It seems fresh and nostalgic at once.

This was my personal favorite. I love the tea length and appliques. And a diagonally shirred bodice never looked bad on anyone.

Oh yes. Cover-ups that don't say "oops, I have to be modest." No, rather more of "Grandmother's treasured heirloom."

And you know my thing for footwear. Oh love! Bright peridot heels for the bride, wedding party, or any girl who just wants her feet to feel fab.

And lastly, a demure, blushy pair. I love these because they remind me of my own wedding. And the dressmaker bow is so prim and cute. Irresistible.
So, what are you waiting for? Go see the rest.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Yay!! I'm almost done with the first trimester of pregnancy! Not that it's been all that horrible, just the normal food aversions/cravings, digestive malfunction, sleepiness, mild nausea, and a suddenly way-too-sharp sense of smell. I've been wishing for summer so much, and it would seem that many hold the same yearnings. Mental trips to cherry orchards and peach stands are intervened occasionally by dreams of cool grass and juicy watermelon.
I recently reread Mireille Guiliano's book, French Women Don't get Fat, for about the third time. She includes so many yummy sounding recipes, and lots of practical tips for a healthy lifestyle. One I tried today for the first time was plain yogurt with honey. Yum! And this afternoon, I'm making bagels.
Something else I've been up to is lots of knitting. My latest project is a little lacy pink baby cardigan from Debbie Bliss's book, Simply Baby. My knitting has come along way, but anything with "simple" in the title is automatically a running candidate as to whether I'd actually finish any projects. But why make girl clothes when we could be having a boy? Well, we decided long before that we want to keep our little person's gender a secret until the big day. So, to even things up, I'm planning to make a manly ribbed jacket from the same book, in blue or green.
One of each, just in case.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our Valentine's Day Menu

We wanted to make something extra special and yummy to celebrate Valentine's Day, (which, incidentally, Ridge has the day off! Yay!) so over the past few weeks, I've gotten together a few fantastic looking recipes.
First, of course, we'll probably start with a green salad, not unlike this one:Pretty basic.
Then, we'll dig into plates of lemon-garlic Shrimp Scampi.
(drooling) I already had decided on Shrimp Scampi, when Framed Cooks, one of the cooking blogs I follow, posted this delectable piece. Butter. Lemons. Garlic. Shrimp. Can you go wrong with that?
As a side goody, we'll have plenty of pomegranates!

Believe it or not, I had never eaten a pomegranate until Ridge treated me to one on our honeymoon. I wasted 18 years of my life unaware of the juicy red goodness in this fruit. Now I'm hooked.
You must have chocolate on Valentine's Day, right?
Also on our honeymoon, we enjoyed two evenings at the Silver Mill Saloon in Philipsburg. Fabulous food, decent prices, and since we came in the slow season, we were waited on in our own private dining room. Once the staff learned we were on our honeymoon, the chef had a made-for-two strawberry semifreddo brought out for us. This time, I'll make this dark chocolate recipe.

Well, I'm officially 11 weeks pregnant, but you could probably tell anyway, with how I've been obsessing over food. ;-)
Wishing you all a delicious Valentine's Day, whether you're single, newlywed, or old pros!

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Happy Pregnant Lady

Spring greens in a bowl, with artichoke hearts, a sprinkle of parmesan, and drizzled with ranch dressing. A piece of dark chocolate for dessert. All eaten sitting in front of the heater while drying my hair. Heaven.
*additional benefit of eating oil-marinated artichoke hearts: afterward, my lips are so soft, I can skip lip balm.