Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well, it's one week until the wedding, and I probably won't be posting any more as things get faster & crazier. Don't worry, I'll come back, and I'll still come by to see if you all are behaving yourselves. So, for a little pre-hiatus eye candy, I thought I'd share something special I found. Even though I have my dress, it's still fun to look around at all the lovely ones available. I recently found this boutique that has gorgeous vintage wedding dresses. (as well as prom, jackets, and other goodies) Here were some of the (in my opinion) highlights:
Get your dose of Jackie O. with this little white number. Perfect for a laid-back tea and cookies reception in a garden.

I'm not good at pulling off a big collar, but I think this one is just so pretty. It makes me think of old-fashioned ladies posing for a portrait.

Whimsy and tailoring in one piece is no longer a contradiction. It's fun and care-free, yet snappy and smart as well.

This one really took my breath away. It's obviously not modern, but I cannot say that it looks old. Just pure, sweeping, classic beauty.

Okay, so it looks a little like a christening gown. Or a maternity dress. Or a nightie. It's still adorable, and for those brave enough to try a gathered empire waistline, I say God bless 'em!

To be quite honest, I don't think I could ramain sober and reverent in a dress that says "play!" as much as this one.

Fit for woodland fairy nuptuals, the ragged hem is faciful without looking like a costume.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little gallery. If you really like them, go to their site. And, if you are ever in the market, most of these dresses are realistically sized, and reasonably priced.

Monday, October 11, 2010

More Engagement Pictures

Last week, Ridge and I went to Eagle Bend with Rebecca Carstensen and Laurel, to get a few more engagement shots. Rebecca will be doing our wedding pictures, so it was also nice practice. We had fun by this pretty pond.

This one is my favorite.
Other than my unsightly armpit, this is a nice one.

We tried a few times to get the reflection just right.

The fall colors were so pretty!

Up on the rock ledge.

It was a lot of fun.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Skating in the Park

Yesterday, after my brother's classes in town, we went to Woodland Park with the Comstocks and Matt Underhill. You may recall my post two years ago, when I had bought myself a pair of old skates. I hadn't used them for quite awhile, (there doesn't seem to be much pavement around here) and so I finally got a chance. I'm sure I looked rather pathetic out there, failing and rolling ever so slowly, but I wasn't alone, 'cause my BFF Megan was there rollerblading with nearly the same amount of grace and prowess. My, did we have fun though! It was great, getting to skate around the pond and such, watching all the little kiddies at play. We finished up by posing by our favorite climbing tree and having Mom document our fun.