Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Thousand Words

My filter is not letting me load pictures right now, so you shall have to be satisfied with a non-photographic blog for a while.
The other day, I made biscotti for the first time. It was a recipe that didn't take any butter. Exciting. Unusual. Healthy. Suspicious. It didn't work. But before I condemn the recipe, I will offer the speculation that perhaps it was just another case of good old-fashioned operator error.
So, I tried a different recipe with butter. It is really good. But of course, butter makes anything good. And eating biscotti always calls for (a.) tea (b.) vino (c.) coffee. I'll take the coffee. Coffee is even better than butter.
I'll keep working on the pictures, so you can see my biscotti. (sorry, there is no way for you to smell it.)


His Handmaidens said...

I've never tried biscotti. Sounds interesting....can't wait till you can get pictures on, I have no idea what biscotti is basicly!
I know, I know, I'm so ignorant.
I love tea!
In christ,

MennoGirl said...

Biscotti is an Italian cookie, and to date, I have eaten way too many.