Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Praise of Green

I'm not Irish, but my all-time-favorite-bordering-on-love-affair color is green. So, today is a very good day to shout my adoration from the proverbial housetops, hence, a celebration of green shoes.

This one looks a bit lethal, but it's green, so I like it.
Now that's more like it. Makes me want to take a walk at Wayfarer's.

I love these.

For the Alpen voyager in all of us.
Thanks for enjoying these green shoes with me. Happy St. Pat's!


The Frizz said...

Hannah, I love them all! I really like the last ones.

RogerMan said...

those first ones would give ANYONE a bad back

MennoGirl said...

Or a sense of dignity.

Rayia said...

Happy late B-day!
I love green too!

MennoGirl said...

oh thank you! I had such a fun birthday, noe Mom is talking about my 18th...