Tuesday, June 30, 2009

And The Winner Is....

1st Place:
Mushroom Girl walked down Trojan Elm Street, waving to her friends, the worms and bobbing her head to show off her new mushroom hat. But as she did, all the worms laughed out loud, shaking their heads and muttering, "What a silly hat to wear! If she keeps this up, she'll be the laughingstock of the entire town!" Mushroom Girl, hurt, saw an ax lying nearby and she snatched it up. "AAYYAAHHH!!" the now mad and somewhat eccentric Mushroom Girl shouted as her ax blade landed with a Crack! on the wooden pillar holding a metal mailbox with the names and warning: Wilburt & Cindy Lou Sprakalik. DO NOT DISTURB! scratched onto the side. Mushroom Girl, outraged, ran to the next mailbox, repeating her actions. The holes next to the mailboxes where the lazy worms lived were crumpled as the worms slithered out of their holes, terrified, and then squirmed away from their homes and mailboxes, yelling, "Run for your lives!! She's gone maddd!!!!" Mushroom Girl ran toward the helpless worms, ax held in the air, screaming, "You heartless worms! I have been your friend so far, but no longer! You insulted my lovely hat, and now you must pay!" Horrified, the worms tried to reason with the screaming girl. "Oh, but Mushroom Girl, we love your hat! It's beautiful!" The Girl Stopped, ax in mid air, and said, "Really?" All the worms nodded vigorously. "Oh, okay, I forgive you," said Mushroom Girl, dropping the ax. She hugged each worm, and skipped happily to her home. She looked in the mirror in her room to admire her hat, and burst out laughing. "I guess those worms were right," she thought,"I do look funny!" She took off her hat and decided her hair was good enough. Then she set off to play with her friends. The end.
by Nim
2nd Place:
Once upon a time there was a man that created little snakes. But the snakes began to grow into hideous carrot and gummy bear eating psychos. The world stood still, in fear and terror of their gummy bears and carrots being eaten away, until one day a knight in shining armor came to the rescue! Miss Poppy! He….. She was not afraid of the psycho snakes, but she knew just what needed to be done to defeat them. She put on her mushroom helmet, grabbed an ax, and set off for her quest! The snakes knew she was coming but they built up their defenses against Miss Poppy. But she knew exactly what to do in order to break though their walls; she cut down every mailbox in sight…….. I don’t know how that helps…. But anyway somehow it did.
Standing face to face with the Carrot Gummy bear eating psycho snakes, she pulled out her ax and they screamed RUN FOR YOUR LIvES!!!!
And we shall see how this story ends later.
by Ridge
(he still hasn't told me how it ends)
Thank you for entering, I had so much fun reading both of those, and you have proved yourselves eminently more imaginative than me. Nim will be presented with her prize tomorrow night, or the soonest I see her.


Frizz said...

Very funny:)

His Handmaidens said...

Nim. Yours was totally awesome! It was be-awesome! Wow Ridge! That was totally weird! But I loved it!