Friday, August 13, 2010


For a long time I've read those stories about gals and their wedding dresses, and how, when they find "The One," they cry and shriek and jump around and......yeah, basically a huge emotional overreaction. I knew I wouldn't get that way. (I figured that I' know, sensible) I'd tried on a pile of dresses in Missoula, and hadn't found "The One," so I was resigning myself to the prospect of sewing my own.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a perfectly decent seamstress, but having my wedding gown done in 9 weeks was daunting. So this morning, when Mom suggested I give Mimi's Bridal another try, I was somewhat reluctant. I hadn't had good luck there before, so why would I now?
The proprieter helped me in and out of a couple lovely ones, none of which were like "WOW! Super Amazing!" Then, she introduced the next one as being designed by Christina Wu.
It fits like a dream, and with the exception of hemming, it needs minimal alteration.
No, I didn't scream, but since it took my breath away, I know it's The One.
I would describe it here a little, but I happen to know that my fiance has a habit of dropping by my blog now and again. Suffice it to say, it is simple, elegant, and now it's my own. :-)


Frizz said...

I'm so super happy that you found your dress. I'm still glad we went to Missoula, it was so much fun. But I'm just so glad that you have a dress and don't have to worry about sewing it afterall.

Willie'sGurl said...

Yay. :) I was that way, I didn't jump up and down or shout or do all the crazy bride stuff. It was like *intake of breath.... sigh* then it was like.... *all tingly all over.* It was the exact dress I had looked at on the internet. I couldn't stop grinning. I was so excited. :) I did twirl around a bit. :) But I had to do something girly. Lol :)

So excited for you. The dress is the thing that I felt connected to the idea that It is actually happening. :) :) Happy Wedding planning! :) love u girl. :)