Friday, October 1, 2010

Skating in the Park

Yesterday, after my brother's classes in town, we went to Woodland Park with the Comstocks and Matt Underhill. You may recall my post two years ago, when I had bought myself a pair of old skates. I hadn't used them for quite awhile, (there doesn't seem to be much pavement around here) and so I finally got a chance. I'm sure I looked rather pathetic out there, failing and rolling ever so slowly, but I wasn't alone, 'cause my BFF Megan was there rollerblading with nearly the same amount of grace and prowess. My, did we have fun though! It was great, getting to skate around the pond and such, watching all the little kiddies at play. We finished up by posing by our favorite climbing tree and having Mom document our fun.


Frizz said...

That was so much fun! We really should start a club or something; FSA (falling skaters anonymous. I'm so glad we took pictures, that way we can show our kids someday, and tell them how athletic we were:)

Autumn said...

I bet it would have been fun to have been a spectator. You guys look like you had tons of fun.

Willie'sGurl said...

sounds fun. :) I miss woodland park. :)