Monday, November 22, 2010

New Habit

I've always loved the library, and now I get to enjoy it more than I ever did before. We come here once or twice a week to use to the internet, and the huge stack of books by my side of the bed testifies to my having found other occupation here as well. Three of my favorite new books are:
This was a fun little book. I enjoyed the tips for choosing clothes and putting together outfits suited to one's one particular style and age.
I really like this one because:
1. I don't do a lot of makeup
2. when I do wear it, I want it right
3. I don't have loads of money or patience for anything complicated or expensive.
And lastly, a fun cookbook I found, written especially for the first year of marriage. Unfortunately, many of the ingredients are a bit exotic (read: expensive) but still a fun read nonetheless.
Tune in next time for: Wedding pictures finally!


Mrs. Jones said...

Hannah, you are so cute.
I love the library too. I am glad you get to visit it more often. God is so good to you.
Blessings to you.

Frizz said...

I really enjoyed coming over and looking through that style book with you. It was so much fun (plus the book was neat).
Love you, Megan

Autumn said...

Libraries! Ah, i love them too.

Nicole said...

I love Carmindy! She is so great on What Not to Wear. :) I will have to check out those books. pun not originally intended. hehe :)