Tuesday, December 28, 2010


"Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abidethalone: but if it die , it bringeth forth much fruit."
John 12:24 KJV

As many of you probably know, our church, Christ's Covenant Fellowship, closed it's doors for the last time on December 5th. It was the culmination of a long progression of confusing circumstances, and many people were deeply hurt. My own feelings have ranged from despair and denial to hopeful wishing that maybe it was all one big mistake. Indeed, it is very difficult to keep from blaming, pointing fingers, and turning against our own brothers and sisters, but we have to rise above it.
There is no changing what has happened, we can only move on. CCF forever changed my life. I came a shy and insecure adolescent, and, approx. three weeks before it's end, I had married one of the elders' sons. 6 1/2 of my most formative years were spent in the teaching and fellowship of this church, with all the precious people who came and went. I will never forget the impact that special communion of saints has left on me.
Ridge and I are committed to continue in love and persevere for truth, and, no matter what happens, my hope and prayer is that we may all see beauty traded for the ashes.


Jessica said...

Hannah, this is a lovely and gracious exhortation, and my sentiments exactly. I am immensely grateful for all God did in my life during the 7 years we were part of CCF - he blessed me with a husband, a precious "new" family and, over time, three beautiful sister-in-laws. He also taught Ransom and me life lessons that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. Although there has been pain in this chapter ending, we are confident that what God has for us now is GOOD, and I am "rejoicing in time to come." And I'm so happy you're my sister! :)

Willie'sGurl said...

I am so very sorry. :( I have been through more than one church split. And it is hard to come away without low spirits. But know that God is in control. And as Jess said that is a lovely and gracious exhortation.
Many times I have found that Where I was at the time was where God wanted me. We have a tendency to stay in our comfort zones. And no matter how painful it might be... It may be God's way of saying "Come I will lead you to higher ground". Just trust... in this time of Transition that Christ is leading and even if you cannot see the silver lining keep looking to him and you will find that before you know it... Christ has led you to a place you didn't even know you needed. :) :)

Kerm said...

Thank you for collecting these poignant thoughts and insights of some of the things our Father has been teaching you through this experience. As Jessica stated they are a gracious exhortation. It is needful for me to reflect on how this fellowship was significantly used in forming the two precious ones that were, and one that still is, in my charge. It is evident that it was helpful in growing you from a little child in the hands of the Father working to teach a father, to a young lady sharing beneficial insights from her Father that her father can learn from. May He continue to bless you sweet girl.