Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Husband is So Nice

I grew up listening to Keith Green- I can't think of a time that his songs haven't been a part of my life. However, Ridge finds his music too "70's." Fair enough, since I can't seem get real enjoyment out of his "Gregorian Masters of Chant."
After Christmas, Ridge told me that he was going to give me another belated gift. I didn't know what that could be, until he asked me where to buy the Gold and Silver Ministry Years Collections. So we ordered them from Last Days Ministries, and they arrived yesterday. Hooray! Now I can get my Green fix, as long I as wait til my sweet and generous husband leaves for work. :-)


Willie'sGurl said...

Wow he is sweet. :) But then I knew he could be a great guy... after all I lived next door to him for quite a few years.
I'm that way with Michael Buble Willie is not fond of him, but he puts up with my style cuz he knows I like him. :) Husband definitely know how to make us smile and feel that they care about what we care about.
Wish I could hear the cds. :) I do like a few of his songs. Love his testimony and If you ever find the book by his wife about Kieth Green Read it. It is just amazing What God brought him out of and even used him after his death. :)

Frizz said...

That is so fun that Ridge got those for you. Oh, btw I have been really enjoying Lenka:)

Hannah said...

WG: Yeah, I've read No Compromise, and it's a really powerful story.
Frizz: Good, glad you like her. I thought her stuff was kinda fun