Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'm Here

Sorry for the shortage of pictures and posts. Today Ridge showed me how to get the memory card out of his camera, (way harder than it sounds) so maybe I'll have more shots to show soon.
Anyway, it's so hard to believe that I have only three more weeks (give or take a few days) until our little Snugmuffin is here with us. Preparing for labor. Getting my post-bump wardrobe ready (how I've missed those clothes!). Wrapping up the last few purchases for Sean.
As much as I'm looking forward to sleeping on my stomach and wearing pants that actually fit my tush, (among other things) I'm also enjoying these last weeks of having my son so close. It's so funny when he gets the hiccups, which is once or twice a day, and Ridge and I have both had fun giving him a little poke & getting a bump back. It's a special time, and I am so blessed to have had no complications and relatively little discomfort with this pregnancy, and to have such wonderful support from my husband, family, and friends.
Well, like I said, I'll try to get some pictures on here soon, so check back and I might just have something interesting on here!

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