Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I Count Myself Blessed

Will become, becoming, became. Promise and fulfillment at once.

In this season when we celebrate the incarnation of our Lord, I have found myself more and more surrendering to introspect. It would seem that marriage and motherhood takes the simplest of women and renders them either hopeful philosophers or bitter cynics.
I purpose to be the former.

When I look back at the few past years, I have to marvel at all God has done in our lives. In a moment that feels like yesterday, we pledged our love to one another for this lifetime, and since then, the love that shone between us has been polished to a brighter gleam. A year ago at this time, (by my best calendar estimate) our dear Sean, though known only to our maker, had become a soul destined to join our family and bring us such joy.

Motherhood inspires such a passion for life that I fail to articulate. I love to gaze at my baby boy's face, in wonder at every intricate facet of his sweet form and dear personality. Cupid's bow is pressed gently into Sean's rosebud lips, while his eyelids flutter with the wind of his dreams. Every diaper I change, every wail I soothe, every load of soiled laundry I wash and fold, brings me a step closer in this task of forming a future man, and that reality leaves me in awe of the beautiful responsibility Ridge and I now carry.

My husband has loved me so well. His provision, protection, companionship, and devotion are more than I could have ever imagined in girlhood daydreams. Ridge asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and I've had a difficult time deciding. Of course, there are myriad lovely things I might desire, but all pale in comparison of what I already have: him. His voice cheers me, his smile warms me, his presence comforts me tenfold of what it did before. We have been through what I consider quite a bit for just over a year of marriage, and though the actual honeymoon may be over, I am happy to say that my heart still races when I get his call on his way home from work, and I look forward to every morning that brings us a new day together.

I am so thankful to have such a wonderful husband, a beautiful baby, a dear family and family-in-love, old friends, new church, and.......
(drum roll)
a house that, if all goes well, we close on December 31st.
Just another blessing I thought I'd mention. :-)

But most of all, I have a Savoir.
Not a pompous and arbitrary god, but the Almighty Creator who lowered himself to give us what we would never reach for, a salvation from that which we neither knew nor cared was our destruction. Quietly he clothed himself in our mortal flesh, to live among us and call us his own. He is the gift from which all others stem.

Let heaven and earth rejoice, for our Redeemer and King has come!


kim.rwallstars said...
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kim.rwallstars said...


You write so lovely. I love reading your thought and how you express them. You should write a book. I would love to read a book you have written. God has truly blessed you with the give of expression and words.

I am so glad God is blessing you in your life and that you are so happy.

Love you,

Autumn said...

Blessings, its that wonderful time of the year where I think many people can see the simple , joyous ones they posses. You sounds sooooo happy and contented. Good luck house hunting.

Autumn said...
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