Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby Treats

I LOVE baby clothes!! I've always been a fan of anything small, and "big people" clothing reinterpreted in a miniaturized scale is way too scrumptious cute! Here is what I found at Twilite Moon:
Little boys are awesome because you can throw together just about anything for an outfit, and they somehow end up looking fantastic. And vertical stripes are a must.You can stone, burn, and red-letterize me, but it is my firm belief that all guys should wear cords. No particular reason, other than I think they are the coolest thing left behind by the 70's, and they always look great.

Itty bitty laces. Miniscule stitching. Way too cute.

They're red, and they're Mary Janes. I totally envy any little girl I see wearing these.

I love this dress! It looks so grown-up and pretty, and would match those Mary Janes perfectly.

I'm not too hot on the idea of women wearing suspenders, but it works for this little throwback.
Ok, enough for today. More style at a later date.


Frizz said...

I agree completely about cords! The Mary Janes are so cute too!I can totally see Jubilee wearing that dress, and Justice that sweater!

Alaina Mathers said...

Baby shoes are the cutest things ever :)

His Handmaidens said...

LOVE the little Mary Janes and the flowered dress!

Raja-Man said...

verticle stripes.....stripes in general are just so.....well, their just so....

MennoGirl said...

helpful for short people!