Monday, April 5, 2010

Put a Spring in Your Step

I love heels. Next to coffee, I think they are one of the greatest things on God's good earth. In the dead of winter, when sensible folk wear Uggs, Sorels, and other such footwear, I somehow manage to mince around through their footprints, still wearing the {darling} shoes which should have been in the closet months ago.
So, you can imagine my glee at being able to wear my favorite ones yesterday (and I hope you all had a blessed Passion Week and Resurrection Sunday!) to church without wet, muddy, or frozen toes. And what could be better in Springtime than a pair of sunshiny heels? Here are some favorites I found on ModCloth:
Very cute and vintage. (makes me think of picnics)

A stamp of seniority for those who can't get enough of the preppy schoolgirl look.

A fun tip of the hat to the Flathead Valley's famous cherry crop. (and the yellow heel is an unexpected pop of color)

(these are from Zappos) Heels don't have to be skyscrapers in order to make an impact. These are just adorable, with the bright pink eyelet.


Raja-Man said...

i think i like the pink ones and the blue that okay?......not on me, of course..on a sounded..lame...haha

Rayia said...

I agree, heels are the best! And the ones you picked are so cute!