Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Woes of Seamstry

(Note: I am well aware of the fact that seamstry is not an actual word)

I held a Jewel in my fingers-
And went to sleep-
The day was warm, and winds were prosy-
I said "Twill keep"-

I woke- and chid my honest fingers,
The Gem was gone-
And now, an Amethyst remembrance
Is all I own-

Emily Dickinson again. This poem well expresses my sentiment of the moment. The bodice of my dress is giving me absolute fits. If, for one minute, I think I am in control of things, the next minute, there is surely something awry. It seems bent on gaping at the armpits. Naturally, this is easier to fix than it being outragiously tight, but it is still quite the headache.
I have consoled myself; however, with the fact that I have been able to construct a very complex and aggravating skirt. The hourglass runs very quickly, as the banquet is now only six days away. This is where the poster on Rayia's blog comes in handy. Hopefully, all will go well. At least I have my makeup figured out. :-)


Barbary Doll said...

I'm sure Jesus would be okay with me letting you know that seamstry is indeed a word! So is seamster, although you may prefer seamstress.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Barbary Doll, indeed Hanna confused me. I thought perhaps that comment was originally sarcasm.