Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jolly Good

Okay, official new favorite stuff alert. Today I found the most fantastic brand of nail polish: butter LONDON. The colors are cute, the name is mahvelous, and I am angsting to get myself some.

London isn't known for being sunny, but no matter the weather, yellow like this can brighten your day.

Is it turquoise? Wedgwood? Lagoon? Whatever it is, it's simply splendid.

Every girl needs at least one bottle of a good, reliable red with some serious oomph.

This one I put on specifically for my future niece's benefit. A pink for the ages. Bright enough for tots, sophisticated enough for those who wish to be sophisticated. (laughing at self)

And last but not least, an old standby for those of us who like our nails naked, thank you very much.
Go to the site & see all the other colors!! They also carry a black tea lotion with a bright and sassy union jack on the bottle.


Jessica said...

Oh Hannah, how fun! And Remember says "thank you" as well. The hot pink is very her. :)

Willie'sGurl said...

sounds great. :) The colors are very bright and fun. <3 I really enjoy reading your post. :) hope you keep them up. :) Oh if your interested, I got the wedding pictures up, both on Face book, and my blog. :) Still have the honeymoon pictures, but am waitng to get some of them edited. :)