Monday, September 27, 2010


Some of my followers may remember this post I did a couple years ago. Well, I still haven't lost my love of small odd things (don't say it, I know what you're thinking) This year, the inedible mushroom crop has gone gangbusters. When I went to check our mailbox yesterday, I noticed how many different kinds there were, so I rushed back to the house, grabbed the camera, and took a self-guided fieldtrip through the woods. Here is some of what I found. This splendidly ugly specimen was right near our water spigot.

These little buttony bumps were in the front yard.

Oooohh yuck!

This one is almost inverted.

I thought this looked like a birdbath.

The spiked horror. Strange, but true.

Disclaimer: I do not eat mushrooms, nor would I advise anyone else to. They are disgusting, and furthermore, wild mushrooms must be properly identified prior to consumption by those who insist on eating gross stuff.


Rayia said...

What fun pictures!

Nahla said...

I like mushrooms as well, but not for eating. The look of 'em is enough for me. :)

Jessica said...

Love these pictures Hannah. I'll have to remember that you don't like eating mushrooms...'cause I LOVE eating them! ;)

Frizz said...

I love the sharp looking one. It looks almost like a grumpy teenager with a bad hair day:)