Monday, October 17, 2011

Healthy & Happy

It has been almost six weeks since Sean was born, and I feel so blessed that he is healthy; gaining weight and making developmental progress. He's getting quite the little tubby tummy, enjoys his baths, smiles fairly frequently, and is a champion snuggler. We are having fun learning what songs Sean likes, and, though he doesn't watch anything else, he stares so intently while we watch Mythbusters that I really think he recognizes their voices from when he was still an inside baby. My days with him are such a delight, and I am treasuring our time together.

Besides my son doing so well, I have enjoyed a speedy recovery from pregnancy and birth. In the course of these six weeks, I have become a firm believer in nursing on demand. It takes a lot of time, and it isn't always very convenient, but the great benefits we have both reaped far outweighs its disadvantages. For one thing, I have a jolly, contented little man whose cheeks and thighs have plumped out very nicely.
For another thing, I give most of the credit for my recovery to it. Breastfeeding makes me ravenously hungry, but it's also given me a metabolism approximate to that of a fifteen-year-old boy. It took only a few weeks for me to reach my prepregnancy weight, and now I weigh a little less than when we got married last October. So, even though I could still use to tone up, everything is back to where it was previously, and my closet is much more appealing to me.
Yet another benefit I've found in feeding on demand is just how stress free and relaxed I have been. I just feed him when he needs it; I don't have to worry about anything else. Of course, babies can be unpredictable, but if Sean gets hungry while we're in the Radio Shack parking lot, so be it. If I am in the middle of reorganizing the laundry room, oh well. It just works for us that way.
Well, that's all I have time to write today; I'll try to post more pictures of Sean soon!

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Kerm said...

Way to go sweet girl! Maybe it's just temperament and you have an "easy one", but whatever you're doing and not doing seems to be working. Little Sean is such a pleasant little guy to be around and becoming so alert week by week as I enjoy getting to be with him. I would have to think that the relaxed and pleasant environment mom and dad are providing and the love and tender care provided, hour by hour for the little guy, may be a contributing factor to his flourishing and beneficial adjustment to the outside world. Keep up the good work you two,or should I say three.