Wednesday, September 28, 2011

There and Back Again

Don't you just love the fall weather we've been having? It's been gorgeous; the perfect blend of sunny and chilly.
The fun thing about fall is that, when it comes to clothing, you can start to get really creative with layers and rich colors. Knits, cords, velveteens, and all the other lovely textures entice in a way no other fabrics can. And guess what?
Now I can take full advantage of them (or at least, as my budget permits).
I've recovered from pregnancy and birth pretty well so far; I never got stretch marks, and by the time two weeks had passed, I was within three pounds of my prepregnancy weight. Now it's just a matter of toning everything up again. I've had great fun playing dress up with my old clothes, and eyeing new pieces for my wardrobe.
Our little Sean seems to grow and change every day. I love it when we make eye contact and he responds to what I say. His favorite things to do include looking out the window, "talking" to Daddy, and snuggling in Mommy's soft robe. Sometimes, when something tickles his fancy, he'll even give a couple little giggles, and I think he knows that I live for his smile.
Am I smitten? You betcha.
We are excited to be planning a trip to Philipsburg celebrate our anniversary in October. I am looking forward to having Sean with us, and hopefully he'll be proof enough to the lady at the B&B that we were not running away from home last year (as she asked us when we checked in; she didn't think we looked old enough to be married).
Last year we made such happy memories, and this year we will make more, I am sure of it. :-)

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