Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Well, well...

Last Monday, I turned twenty. That's means I've been blogging now for four years. Pretty hard to believe.
Here are some pictures from the wonderful party my folks hosted. Mom made an Oreo cake (top photo) that was simply dee- vine, and we had a nice time visiting with family and friends.
The three of us. :-)

Mom and I.

My "little" brother.

The sweet babe (with Grandpa Vestal holding him).

This time last year, Ridge and I had begun planning for the new baby we were expecting. Saint Patrick's day marked one year since the first time I saw my son, which honestly was one of the most amazing days of my life.
One year later, we've got a beautiful baby boy, and we are on to the next step for our family: buying our first house. I have loved our little "honeymoon house," but I am definitely glad that Sean will have his own nursery, Ridge will have an office, and our extra-extra large dining table won't look so ponderous anymore.
We are getting packed and are all set to close and start moving on the 26th.

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Tina Vestal said...

Hannah, Hannah, where have the years gone? All I know is that it is my greatest pleasure to see what a loving, contented, capable wife and mother you have become. It makes me so happy to see how you have matured and grown as a woman and in the Lord. I love you with all my heart.