Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Good Night's Sleep

                                                                    This ^ busy boy...

                                                 also this ^ happy guy....

                                                ...who is also this ^ sweet, sleeping cherub.

That's right, it took eight months to sleep train Sean. If that sounds like hell to you, then get this: I'm planning to do the same when it comes time for go-round #2.
No, I'm not crazy, or one of those "sleep is for the weak" types, but in my experience with Sean, getting up at night with my baby made for some real benefits.
At first, when he was a newborn, it just made sense for me to get up with him several times a night. After being inside me for 9 1/2 months, he was accustomed to having constant comfort and nourishment, as well as being able to sleep when he wanted. Waking with him at night also helped me in getting into the swing of breastfeeding, which, as I've mentioned before, has done wonders for his health and mine.
Then, when he was about three and a half months old, we stopped swaddling him every night, but I kept getting up between one and three times a night. Of course, at this point there were no diapers that needed changing, but he still would get hungry. So, I continued on with it, and Sean ended up snuggled in bed with me more often than what most people probably would recommend.
When Sean turned six months old, feedings had dwindled to once a night. At that point, I don't believe it was stemming from a physical need, but more likely from wanting some comfort and assurance that his mama was there for him. Besides, we were still sharing our little bedroom with him, so I would awaken at his every peep.
When Sean was seven months old, we moved into our new house. Naturally, we wanted him to feel secure in his new surroundings, so we set up our small crib in the master bedroom.
After several weeks of that, we moved him into the full sized crib in the nursery. We got the baby monitor set up and crossed our fingers.
And he slept like, well- like a baby!
He'll wake up every now and then, but my boy is solidly sleeping through the night!
Knowing that Sean is happy and feels secure and cared for makes all of those night of getting up with hims so worth it. Turns out, graveyard shift isn't so bad, after all.


Rayia said...

Wonderful Hannah! You are such an amazing Mama!

Hannah said...

Well, I'm just playin' it by ear, and hoping God's grace covers the rest!

Willie'sGurl said...

Amen. Aurora is just beginning to sleep through the night. Occasionally wake up for snuggle time with mama. Which usually includes nursing. :) still one of my favorite times of night. We went through this phase where she would stay up all night. But only on Saturday nights. Makes for a pretty exhausting Sunday. But like your Sean she is a happy girl who is a pleasant sweet baby and such a joy to be around. :) so yes I agree grave yard shift isn't so bad.

Abigail said...

So precious Hannah! Kimberly is usually just waking up once a night now for a snack & snuggles. Last night she cried like she was scared though, so of course she got snuggled in with us. It is so worth it for our babies to feel loved & secure!