Thursday, February 24, 2011


Is 'e really now? My baby bump ticker tells me that our child has grown to the size of a peach. Somehow, I don't quite buy it. If there was a peach-sized person inside, I think I would take due notice when bending over. True, some of my jeans are fitting a bit tighter, and I know my bladder senses something invading its space, but really? A peach? May be he or she is still a lime or plum. However big our little person is, I'm sure they are just fine.


Willie'sGurl said...

Maybe not... everything I've read in baby books and on line say thats about the size of the baby. And they say that you can't feel the baby until about 18 to 20 weeks even later if its your fist pregnancy. I haven't felt the baby yet either.And the baby may not be quite the size,every pregnancy is different, but they do grow so fast

Frizz said...

Peaches are so sweet. I like them much better then limes:)

Hannah said...

yeah, and I can't wait til they're in season again. So sweet and juicy, I'm salivating.