Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'll Take 300 Square Inches Less Skin, Thank You

Before I got pregnant, I never paid much attention to maternity photography. It just seemed.....eh. I was much too preoccupied with wedding pictures. Now however, realizing that we literally do not have a single shot of the pregnant me, I find myself thinking that it might be something fun for Ridge & I to do together to celebrate our son's impending arrival.
So, I've done a little research.
I had no idea how popular it seems to be among pregnant women to go au naturel (or at least awfully close). Some people might say that it is to focus on the wonder of growing a life inside one's own body, or an artistic way of depicting a couple's anticipation and happiness, but as far as I'm concerned naked is naked, whether you're pregnant or not. Period. End of statement.
So, we'll have to come up with some ideas for sweet, fully-clothed pictures to commemorate this time in our lives. It's going by quickly.
Now, that's what I call art!


Nicole said...

You should check out Alicia Brown's blog. She does beautiful maternity shots!! :)

Willie'sGurl said...

Not to mention if you have horrible stretch marks lol ... Although they do show a part of pregnancy that is an amazing way to show the way God created the female body to accommodate a growing life I agree... TOO MUCH skin. I think the modest way can be even better and tasteful, If done right. :)