Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I know what you must be thinking. Yes, I am just tickled that we are having a boy; however, I still love seeing pretty girl goodies. I found this adorable cardigan at ON, in size 0-3 mo. So cute! It just reminded me so much of Kath Kidston or ModCloth.
Now here is the fare for us! Men aren't known for going crazy for baby clothes, but lately, Ridge has been having a great time picking out togs for our little guy. As many of you might already know, Ridge has a fairly unique, not-your-run-of-the-mill style, and he is looking forward to dressing Sean in a similar fashion. Plaids, cables, argyle, cords, khaki, and all other vintage collegiate attire. Ever seen A Beautiful Mind? That's it.

Gotta love a man in a tie & sportcoat. I'll have two! :-)


Autumn said...

How wonderful that Ridge looks forward to dressing your angel.
That jacket looks so sweet.

Willie'sGurl said...

There are quite a few guys out there that get excited about clothes for the little one... I thought mine was the only one. :) that is great that Ridge is looking forward to helping... he's gonna be a great Daddy. :)

Raja-Man said...

that is a REALLY good movie..!!

Hannah said...

It really is an interesting look at the life of a very complex & unique man. Sad and brilliant.