Thursday, July 7, 2011

8 weeks (+/-)

My goodness! It's hard to believe that I am "officially" eight months pregnant! Of course, I think all women would love to throttle whoever said pregnancy lasts nine months, because human gestation (approx. 40 weeks) is really ten. So, even though eight months sounds like reason to pack my hospital bags, it really isn't that urgent, after all.
I'm not too antsy, but I will say that I am fondly looking forward to wearing my prepregnancy clothes again. At this point, spending a bunch of money on maternity clothes seems pointless, so right now my wardrobe is a little meh. Not to mention that it's too hot right now to really care what I look like (with one exception: my feet. I am still doing my pedicures, and I will never, ever wear Crocs, no matter how comfortable people say they are).
In the meantime, I've been enjoying my knitting. I looooove Caron's Spa yarn; it is soft and springy and perfect for making baby goodies. Socks, beanies, and little mitts.

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Autumn said...

I'm sure you are just getting more and more excited to meet your angel.
Thinking of you.