Saturday, July 16, 2011

More of Summer

Saturday was our third trip setting up shop at the farmer's market. I have really enjoyed it, now that I kind of have the hang of how to set up the canopy and tables. Ridge has been making prints of his pictures, and we've sold a few so far.
What I really enjoy is all the people watching I get to do, and the time I usually spend knitting. Since the market is in the parking lot of Kalispell Center Mall, Ridge lets me go and shop for awhile, on the condition that I bring him back a soft pretzel.
Then, we sit and just enjoy the morning, drinking coffee, meeting friends, and talking with other vendors. This last time, the gal next to us was selling organic produce, so we got some strawberries & snap peas to munch on.
The market ends at twelve-thirty, which means we can escape the heat and maybe catch a few yard sales before going home. We usually run a few errands, then come home, make iced tea or lemonade, and kick back until Ridge heads off to Rosa's and I prepare for Sunday.
As much as I'm looking forward to meeting our little man, I've been savoring these last few weeks of Summer busy-slowness we have of just the two of us.


Autumn said...

The time you and Ridge spend at the market sounds so peaceful and beautiful.

Rayia said...

Sounds delightful!!!

Tina Vestal said...

Hannah, I'm so happy that you delight in the "little" things of life. Don't forget you will have two grannys to call if you and Ridge need to spend some private time. Ha!
I love you,