Thursday, September 15, 2011

So Thankful for My Husband

Well, since I've written about my new little man, I see it only fit that I say a few words about the other man in my life.
Throughout my pregnancy, labor, and birth, Ridge was there for me every step of the way. He took me to every appointment, helped me prepare for Sean, and gave me his emotional support the whole time.
He spent untold hours rubbing my back and trying to ease the pain of labor for me, held me while bent epidural needles were discarded, and caught our son as he came into this world.
Now, a few days into parenthood, Ridge is a fantastic father. He loves taking care of Sean, and relishes the occasional reward of a sleepy half-smile he gets in return. We enjoy just reclining on the bed, with our Bug between us, and admiring what God has given us in this first year of our marriage. Ridge has been showing Sean Rubik's cubes and music, and every day, when he comes home from work, he makes sure to go and give our Bug a kiss (after he's gotten to me, of course!).

I am so happy that we are finally starting our lives as a family, and that we are back to a good mixture of "real life," (bills, need I say more?) and jolliness.
There is a lot of kissing, laughter and love going on at this little home.


Autumn said...

How sweet that Ridge loves taking care of Sean! So sweet.

Beth Wagenius said...

I love this. I have such good nephews! So glad you all are so happy.
~live, love and laugh~ aunt Beth

Rayia said...

So sweet! God is good!