Friday, February 13, 2009

Always Blessed

Last week, I went to the optometrist for the first time in two years & learned something that I wasn't expecting. It turns out that my left eye has gotten a lot worse. Oh well. When I was alone in the exam room, a big, burly guy in blue coveralls came in the office and wanted an appointment. Dr. Horner politely told him that he would have to wait, because right now, there was "a little girl getting dilated." (you stay out of here, you scary man, you!!) I had good laugh over that one. After she had taken a look at the insurance papers, she said she had something for me. I looked inside the bag, and I found that she had given me six bottles of contact solution. How kind!

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Jessica said...


I've worn glasses or contacts since I was nine, and during my mid-teen years my eyesight - particularly in my left eye - got worse. But by the time I was about eighteen, it "leveled out" so to speak and hasn't gotten significantly weaker since. So don't worry!

Don't you love little things - like six free bottles of contact solution - that just make your day nicer? :)