Thursday, February 5, 2009

Going on a Bike Reich

Those of you who followed my former blog know that ever since I sold my horse, I have been looking for a good bicycle.
First, I looked at the $400 ones, but I don't commute or anything, so it wasn't worth spending that much.
Then, I looked at one that was $225, but it was too small. (honest) Next, I set my cap for one that was $170 and bright pink. I was really wondering about that shade of pink.
Today, I got my bike for $15. We were at the thrift store, and mom said to check out the bikes, so I did. I am now a believer in love at first sight. She (it's a she) is old, greenish (my favorite color!) with fenders, Shimano gears, a stuff rack, a headlight, and a bell. On closer inspection, I found that everything was printed in Deutsch, with a little label that stated the bike's origin: W. Germany.
Yes, I am a German Girl Scout, (inside joke) may I interest you in some cookies? (and could I have a swig of Kombucha?)


Bootlace said...

Can't wait to see it! Come on girl we have some cookies to sell!

Ridgefilmmaker said...

nice I'll take cookies any time.
That's nice you save so much money, i love doing that. post a picture of it so we can see it.

MennoGirl said...

I would post a picture, except I still can't reconcile myself with the filter. $15 isn't going to be my only expenditure on the bike, because it also needs new pedals, tires, chain, and tightened steering. That's the catch, but I think it will be OK.

Priscilla Sissem said...

Wow, Hannah! Congratulations on a great purchase! I am sure your new old bike is for you to enjoy, but the way that you describe it, it sounds very special, perhaps even a "collectable." By the way, go to to see pictures of the farmer's market I went to today. It was a lot of fun!