Monday, February 23, 2009

A Question of Sanity

Picture this: you have just found the fabric of your dreams, and you are now standing in a line that seems doomed to inertia, waiting to have 2 yards cut. Only 2. That's all you want. By the time you find yourself at the desk, your mental stability is far from desirable, and thus, you cannot remember what you are holding, why you are holding it, or why the fabric cutting lady is looking at you most piteously. You ralley your wits, dutifully blurt out your intentions for this fabric (a skirt made out of that, you're kidding, right?) and tell the gal you want 2 yards. Or that's what you thought you wanted, maybe it was 3, no, I'll stick with 2. She then commences wrestling the calico off the bolt, while you watch in a stupor. After all her work, she gives you the total. What?? This stuff was on sale! How can it be that much? Next, you apologize, state your insufficiency of funds and utter lack of mathematical prowess, and trudge defeatedly back to your car.

Why do we do this? I asked myself this a couple days ago, and after a brief visit to eQuilter, I think I know why:

It's all starting to make sense.


The Frizz said...

Or you finally buy the fabric and find out later in your frazzled state off mind that you are a 1/8 of a yard too short on fabric and it's totally crutial.

That first fabric is to die for (not literally)

Jessica said...

Oh Hannah! Those are gorgeous fabrics. I would love a skirt made out of any one of them, but particularly the very first one. Have you every visited Marie-Madeline Studio? They have an absolutely dreamy selection of fabrics as well as some really cute handbag, skirt and apron patterns. It's a home-based business run by a mother and her four girls. I can't remember their address, but I have a link to them on my blog. They often have good sales too. If you have time, they're well worth a visit.

MennoGirl said...

I saw them and....let's just say that I'm not going there too often. I'm rather addiction-prone.