Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank God for Color

It's a funny thing, the human mind. Going into fall, my favorite colors were those of a glowing fire, a soft gray blanket, a glistening-with-sap pinecone, and the imposing green of the trees, along with all the other cosy hues that come to us in winter.
Now, with the stark realization of white, white, white, I find myself gazing at juicy fabric bolts for way longer than is healthy, pining for a hot-house full of avocados, and generally frustrating myself over the memories of green grass and a beckoning hammock. In this tasteless, colorless "Ansel Adams" scenery, I am really starting to appreciate God's delicious gift of colors. Colors that pop in our eyes, colors sooth us at the end of the day, colors that make us think of sun, grassy fields, soft dirt, and bright flowers. Winter is our yearly grayscale, and then comes our feast of vibrancy!


Priscilla Sissem said...


I have been following your blog from the sidelines. Your writing is wonderfully poetic, and touches my heart. I have a blog too, but it is a different type of blog than yours. You might want to check it out:

I am waiting for your beliefs page. I hope to hear your poetic writing as you explain your Mennogirl beliefs.

I'm going to direct some of my readers to your blog. I think they will be blessed, as I am!

Priscilla Sissem

MennoGirl said...

Thanks for the note! I'll try to post my beliefs as soon as I can get a separate page for that.

Muse Of Randomness said...

Ahh! I hadn't realized you'd started to post here. Darn computer failures.

I, honestly, love the winter scenery, because we have greenery most of the year, then all the reds and oranges in autumn, and now white. I can't really explain it too well right now, but after a whole year I feel a desperate need to have a little break from so much brightness.

Priscilla Sissem said...


Thanks for the note on my blog! You asked how I found you. In my profile there is a link to everyone in the bloggersphere who indicated their interests in Anabaptism. I clicked on the word "Anabaptism" after creating my profile and this list of others who stated their interest in Anabaptism came up. Your name and blog were listed there. So about two weeks ago I started reading your blog and wanted to follow it because it expresses simplicity and beauty in an important way. I hope others can tap into your blog and find the loveliness in what you say and how you say it.

Enjoy the white, white, white day!