Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Love Yoooooooou!

Dearest Spring,

I hope that you haven't forgotten all the lovely times we've had together, and I wish you would give some indication that you are coming soon. The snow and gray clouds here have become so dull, and I am longing for the excitement of your warm breath that brings all the soft grass and flowers back to our land. It's so wonderful every year to see the baby calves out in the sunny fields, and to place bare feet on the ground once more. Oh! And the fresh smell that lingers in the woods after your gentle rain is something no one can ever forget!
I want to watch the brown beds raise buds, and then stalks, and then the beautiful plants. I miss all the colors and smells of the flowers, and the the budding promise of Summer's fruits and vegetables. I can't wait to bask again in the sunshine, and to walk down the lane and find all the little hidden wonders that it brings to life.
Please don't forget to visit us. I hope that you will be here before long.
with love and anticipation,

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Willie'sGurl said...

SPRING! :) :) :) :) :)