Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Good Knits

After reading Laurel's post, I was inspired to post on my favorite knitting books. I have been primarily a self-taught knitter. I was taught to cast-on and knit stitch, and everything else has been a very slow process of learning from books. These have been the most helpful.

Debbie Bliss' Simply Baby. I'll be honest: pastel yellows, pinks and greens make me want to puke. These doable designs are rendered in soft, earthy- yet still infant like- tones, and merino, cashmere, and cotton, instead of nasty acrylic. Currently in the works: shell pink "Matinee Coat."

Ridge bought me this one on our honeymoon. Written by Joelle Hoverson, of Purl Soho, there are lots of cute, practical designs in here, and they all seem to be intermediate level knitting. Can't wait to try the baby socks!

And lastly, a fabulous book for those who would like to try socks. Although I still don't have them perfected, trust me, they are much easier than they look.
Happy knitting!


Laurel Beth said...

Well, Hannah, I'm a self-taught knitter too, so your not alone there. I've found that most things I thought would be way to too difficult for me are actually not so bad if I just sit down and do my best. Google helps a lot too for looking up terms. =)

Hannah said...

Yeah, like "sk2p." Thank God for Google!