Saturday, March 19, 2011


On St. Patrick's Day, we went in to my midwife's appointment, and after the preliminary testing and paperwork, we got to see our new little person for the very first time. The midwife's assistant had kind of a hard time getting him* to cooperate, but after a couple attempts, we could see the little beating heart on the screen. With legs kicking and hands flailing around, Ridge insisted that he must be "dancing." The only thing the little M. seemed self-conscious about was his face. We got a couple glimpses of it, and a half-decent photograph of his profile. I'll scan and post it as soon as I get the chance.
With my lack of horrendous symptoms, sometimes I almost forget that I'm pregnant, but getting to see our baby was really special, and made it quite a bit harder to forget. :-)

*we don't plan on finding out little M.'s gender, but in the mean time, I don't very much like calling our baby "it" or "he/she." So I'm using male objective pronouns. If the baby turns out to be female, believe me, we will love her just as much!<3


Nicole said...

I love your "baby's now the size of" banner. It is a great visual and feels almost like watching your baby grow! I am so excited for you guys, and it was great to see you yesterday!

Willie'sGurl said...

Awww. that is exciting. that you got to see the little one. :) There truly is nothing like it. :) I know it made our day to get the pictures.
So excited for you guys. ;)