Tuesday, May 17, 2011


In a few days, I will be "officially" in the third trimester of my pregnancy. It really has gone by so fast, and I can't believe that, in three months (+/-) we'll get to meet Sean for the first time.
So far, I've had excellent luck finding maternity jeans, and still am wearing non-maternity shirts. I have yet to get a dress that fits well, so for church I just go with separates.
I've begun planning a shower with my Mom, which will probably be in late July.
Overall, things seem to be going smoothly.


His Handmaidens said...

Be careful when you plan that shower. I want to be there! Of course, everything could take an unpredictable turn, so have fun with your planning. Caitlin

Hannah said...

I know, it could work out the same way for both of us!

Willie'sGurl said...

Lol things have gone crazy fast lol It's good that you were able to find maternity clothing, I am having a super hard time... :( nothing fits! and the really depressing thing is that Jayme's wedding is next month and we have to find a nice dress... thankfully we are not that far from nashville or Knoxville so we have a few more options. Have fun planning your shower. and enjoy your last little bits of pregnancy ~Jess

Hannah said...

Yeah, I am definitely looking forward to digging out my "unpregnant" clothes when it's all over, but for it hasn't been too bad.