Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lemon & Thyme Game Hens

I guess I need to start taking pictures of the food I make before we gobble it up. ;-)
Anyway, here is the recipe I made last night. It is so good- perfectly juicy and mild herb and citrus flavors.

Lemon Thyme Game Hens

time: prep=15 min, cook=1-1 1/4 hrs.
serves: 2- adjust by adding more birdies

2 Cornish game hens (thawed if previously frozen)
1 medium or large lemon
2 generous tablespoons thyme
olive oil for basting
a baking dish with at least "1 sides- this makes lots of juice

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Cut lemon in half, then divide one of the halves. Stuff the quarters into the body cavity of each game hen, then sprinkle most of the thyme in. Slice remaining lemon fairly thin. Using your fingers, gently separate the bird's skin from body; do not remove, but rather leave a "pocket." Carefully slide lemon slices into pocket, sprinkle hen with remaining thyme. Spritz or baste hens with oil, and bake for 1hr. (1hr. 15-20min. if you birds are bigger than 1lb. 2oz.) Remove from oven when juices run clear when pierced. Let rest 5min. and carve.

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