Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home Again

We are home now, and had such a lovely time in Spokane & Moscow!
Ridge and I left early on Thursday morning, and arrived in Spokane shortly after lunch. We discovered that, in spite of Ridge's dread hatred of city traffic, we make a pretty good team of pilot & navigator (Megan might be surprised to learn that I am actually gaining a sense of direction. Inside joke.). We had a great time at Riverfront Park, and afterward went to Riverfront Square, which I think is the very most wonderful mall in the world. I'm not much of a mall girl, but who can resist Williams-Sonoma, Banana Republic, and criss-crossing escalators? Not I. And Ridge was mighty impressed by the three-story theater, too.
Then we set off to find the Lincoln Center, which it turns out, Google maps gave us directions to a statue of Abraham Lincoln, not the hall where Fernando Ortega would be playing. After a frantic call to my parents for help, we finally found it in the nick of time. After all these years, we got to see him in person, and for the cherry on top, he sang his version of "Great is Thy Faithfulness," which was the recessional at our wedding. We were tickled, and I think Sean liked it, too. :-) He's gotten very active of late.
In Moscow, we had a wonderful time with Rayia, Jonathan, Titus, and Adeline. In the course of our stay, we attended a really neat Renaissance fair in the park. It was far from authentic, but had lots of fun activities for kids. That night, we went out with Rayia & Jonathan to Nectar. It's a little restaurant with a limited seasonal menu, but soooooooooo yummy! Ridge & I split the Gruyere mac n' cheese & the nectar salad. Mmmm....
Sunday marked one year since the first day of our courtship, so we went out alone to walk around downtown Moscow, where we got hot bagel sandwiches and ice cream. Here I go about food again! We also got to attend Adeline's ballet recital, and that was fun!
So, now we are home again, and there are dishes and laundry and such to attend to, but we now have fond memories of a lovely vacation!

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